Poop Everywhere

An elderly cat, a middle-aged cat and a 15-week old puppy live in my house. The puppy was seven weeks when we brought her home. And that is what these furry little companions do….poop everywhere! We went from a two litter box home to four. This in an attempt to stop the elderly cat from using the bathtub as a private litter box. The puppy is a chewer and a swallower and we had a scare recently where we thought she had swallowed something. So, per the vet, we switched her to chicken and rice and spent five days thoroughly investigating each and every soft poop… She has since been cleared to move back to kibble and we were all very pleased to find that her last two poops were well-formed, solid enough to pick up easily, and soft enough that we know they were healthy. Hopefully this means we are at the end of the poop everywhere phase, but only time will tell.

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  1. Marsha Jacoby

    Despite the fact that my boys are now 8, 8 and 10 I still read aloud to them as often as I can during mealtime. My purpose is fourfold:
    1) to keep them from speaking! 🙂
    2) to change the topic from poop or boy
    like banter to something more sophisticated, education and/or interesting
    3) to promote “normal” conversation
    4) to teach!!
    Most recently my husband and/or I have read three books aloud:
    1- Wright Brothers – aside from the interesting and constructive conversations these young siblings/engineers have about their continually evolving business ventures, the intimacy and reciprocal respect they have for each other is remarkable and touching! Very inspirational for brothers…..and they have a sister who takes part as well, mostly toward the end.
    2- Escape from Egypt – a close up encounter of two children “flown” back in time to the days of Moses prior to the ten plagues. A compelling account of the incredible hardships of slavery and ultimate escape to freedom, with humorous references to modern day technology and the lack of knowledge the ancient Egyptians had of it.
    3 – Joe DiMaggio – what resonates with me here is the “old world” beginnings….an immigrant fisherman with many mouths to feed, unwavering in his expectations of his children to want to continue to live life in the same manner through to the next generation. Not knowledgeable of baseball nor willing to become a fan, he finally concedes and cozies up to his newly famous son Joe….a touching ending for the entire family.


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