I still have to look…

It seems that everyone who finds out that I crochet has encountered someone that could hold a conversation while hooking the scarf, afghan, sweater, et cetera. This person is usually revered for their seemingly uncanny ability to create perfect stitches, row-by-row, without having to look. It is interesting to watch people’s excitement as they recall this memory and then wonder, sometimes aloud and sometimes with a glance, if I can crochet blankets as well and as fast as their revered person. The answer is, I cannot. I have also not encountered anyone in my life who can crochet with such skill. When I was growing up my grandmother who taught me to crochet wasn’t an avid hooker herself. She had moved on to needlepoint and watercolor and other artistic endeavors. Teaching me to crochet was a way for her to bond with a 9-year old boy over something artistic that wasn’t messy.

While I still have to look at my projects as I crochet away an evening or a train ride, I am pretty fast once I get into the rhythm of a pattern. Personally, double crochet is my favorite stitch. I can do a row of double crochet much faster than single, or even slip stitches. But in the end it all comes down to the rhythm of the pattern. After a few repeats have been completed it is usually smooth sailing from that point and after an hour or two a scarf or a shawl or a few dishcloths have appeared on the couch next to me. I will probably never reach that uncanny level of mastery and be able to whip up granny squares without so much as a glance at my hook. But maybe someday, years from now, someone who watched me crochet will tell a friend that they once knew a guy who could crochet and carry on a conversation with ease. That dishcloths and scarves flowed from his hook with seemingly little effort. And the person listening will think, “Yeah right. No one can crochet like that!”

Keep on hooking!

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